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  The archive will eventually have more information about past performances. Hopefully a listing of each performance, and the dancers who performed will be catalogued in this space. For now, be content with the extensive list of past company members.  
A Tribute to all of the members of The Peggy Spina Tap Company. Thanks for the opportunity and the memories. Peace and Love to you all:
  Megan Haungs 1981-1985  
  B.J. Robbins 1981  
  Edna Zingarelli 1981  
Jane Blount
  Fabienne Bongard 1983-1989  
  Madeline DeBor 1983-1985  
  Bambi Jones 1983-1985  
  Janet Kosuda 1983-1985  
  Jamie Larowitz 1983-1989  
  Patricia Robbins 1983-1985  
  Theresa McCleary 1985-1996  
  Cathy Tobey 1987  
  Meyuki Kato 1988-1999  
  Katherine Tufano 1988-1993  
  Jennifer Wehr 1990-1997  
  Misty Owens 1993-present  
  Wendee Lee Curtis 1993-1999  
  Kadi Moreno 1997-1999  
  Karin Connally 1997  
  Rebecca Grossman 1997  
  Cintia Chamecki 1998-1999  
  Nicole Aravena 1999-2001  
  Yako Miyamoto 1999-2006  
  Sherry Stregack 1999-2007  
  Nili Bassman 2000  
  Betina Hershey 2000-2001  
  Tonya Kay 2000-2001  
  Katy Wood (touring with 42nd Street) 2002-present  
  Rebecca Brancato 2002-2003  
  Maya Krishnasastry 2002-present  
  Laura Coleman 2004-present  
  Kristen Zurek 2004-2010  
  Alison Manning 2005-present  
  Noreen Carruthers 2008-2009  
  Kathleen Voss 2008-2011  
  Sarah Buscaino 2009-present  
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