peggy spina tap company  
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  "The Peggy Spina Tap Co. played with rhythms, each other and the audience in ',,,you are the music...' the brilliant sounding Spina Loft on Prince Street...A healthy sampling of 'dancey' moves in each piece gives the concert an eloquent flair; evidence of her modern dance background. However, the concert never loses sight that the tapping is the main event....these cool ladies, literally, never miss a beat." Molly Holm,, 2007.  
  "Mr. Forrester is a virtuosic pianist, ...showcased in generous passages throughout the evening. This was a tightly knit collaboration...of performance dance and jazz..." Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,, 2004.  
  "Where To?" "This show went places! Ms. Spina created a slow, cool, metropolitan texture with unpredictable groupings. The dancers never rush and could stop on a dime." Madeleine Dale, Attitude.  
  "Spina's choreography is characterized by rhythmic sensitivity and invention." Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage.  
  "...clear articulation of complex rhythms and smoothly changing configurations...are hallmarks of the company style. Nicole Aravena combined brimming delight with rapid-fire taps." Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times, 2001.  
  "...visual and aural complexity...Sitting so close, you see as much as hear the difference between a shuffle and a slap, between a toe jab and a heel slam- even when the pace moves from that of a purling stream to that of a waterfall." Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice.  
  "...delightful choreographic conversations...dancers' feet chattered with wit and grace...the interplay of tap rhythms was like sophisticated repartee." Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times.  
  "...jazzmen like these are hard to find...Forrester- very snazzy-looking as he humps over the keys- composed fresh stuff, much of it swinging around witty Latin beats." Sally Sommer, The Village Voice, 1990.  
  "May Spina always dance in intimate situations where we can feel her and her company's warmth as performers....A splendid concert, reminding me that art can be casual and elegant, that being close to tap is a special joy." Sally Sommer, Dance Magazine, 1990.  
  "Honi" "It was a tour-de-force demonstrating dazzling footwork." Larry Stevens, Attitude, 1984.  
  "Honi...bursts of tapping started and stopped and came and went as if by magic...a solo notable for its contrasts between sounds and silences." Jack Anderson, The New York Times, 1984  
  "Miss Spina favored a light, deft style notable for its rhythmic variety. She made tap dancing seem like merry chattering...and like whispered confidences...'Fractions' was a fascinating study in rhythmic textures..." Jack Anderson, The New York Times, 1984.  
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