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  "Her choreography expands technique and offers musical challenges particular to contemporary jazz music. She twists the feet and brain in fresh and novel ways. Don't keep your eyes too close to the floor. You will miss the individual style and beauty that these talented dancers bring to this work."  
  "Evelyn's Dream", premiered in 2006 is meditative in nature and includes some contrapuntal interplay and spotlighting of individual dancers, while working within the 11-beats-per-measure structure found in Forrester's "Second Nature".  
  Company favorites are "Jam", which contrasts boogie woogie with swing rhythms.  
  "Crystal Epitaph" was created by Spina as a memorial to Charles F. Kennedy after forty years of friendship. The trio is enhanced by Forrester's "Get Serious", a composition that he describes as "revisiting Chopin".  
  "Stop the Music"...was exciting for the tightness of the taps and the relentless locomotive surge of Ms. Spina's choreography and Mr. Forrester's score," remarked Jack Anderson, The New York Times.  
  Commissioned by Helen Scott in 1999, "Helen's Heart" incorporates the Blues as expressed in "Blue Mary Lou" and a fast paced Boogie Woogie as in "Lt. Cassowary," both by Forrester.  
  "Where To?" opened a recent concert and, in the words of critic Madeleine Dale, "This show went places!," adding "Ms. Spina created a slow, cool, metropolitan texture with unpredictable groupings. The dancers never rush and could stop on a dime." Attitude  
  New pieces include: Savvy, 2008; Peggy's Blues,2010; Rejoice in Time, 2011; and Mambo, 2012.  
  The evening concludes with Buster Brown's "Laura", a bebop take on an old ballad described by Lisa Jo Sagolla as "contagiously fun...makes you want to jump up and join in." Backstage  
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